Tips to Playing Safe Holi In 2018

The festival of vibrant colors, Holi is celebrated in February or March on full moon day, often called Phalgun Purnima. It is the second most recognized celebration in India. The origin of this colorful festival is believed to be the famous legends of Holika-Prahlad as well as Radha-Krishna. Though, it is an Indian based festival, there are many who appreciate and participate in the joyous event all over the world. It spreads universal message peace, mutual growth and equality.

Holi this year is gonna celebrate on March 2nd according to “Hindu calendar”. Everybody is engaged in planning things for this day. This spring festival has been fascinating people for the joy & play and music & dance involved in it. A week earlier local markets get swamped with numerous items such as colors, pichkaris, cards, sweets, dry fruits and many more. There these things are available in different ranges.

What You Should Do While Playing With Colors?

Over the years, the occasion has lost much of its charm due to certain reasons for which we ourselves are responsible in real. To avoid such defaming incidences, we need to consider few things that include:

1. Never go for cheaper brands.
2. Check out expiration dates of the colors sold there.
3. Use only natural based colors or “gulals”.
4. Stay away from chemical colors.
5. Liberty of celebrating without restriction does not mean you become boisterous and break rules.
6. Do not force people too much to participate for playing water colors.
7. Do not throw water balloons on running vehicles or passerby.
8. Avoid excessive intake of inoxicating drinks or sweets prepared from opium.

These are some tips to play Holi safely without spoiling the day’s joy. Remember its about celebrating the triumph of good over bad. So keep these things in your mind and prevent unnecessary accidents and show world the very true nature of Indian culture that reflects rich traditions, unity, tolerance, secularism.

Source by Alice Pal