Step Up the Madness In You – Revel In Organic Colors This Holi 2018

Holi, one of the most joyous festivals in India marks the dawn of spring season, the season that brings love, renewal, and new aura to our lives. Holi is synonymous to joy, gaiety, and fear and it’s the time to celebrate togetherness. Holi being such a pure festival is being commercialized these days by many synthetic color manufacturing companies. These synthetic colors contain harmful chemicals, which produce negative effects on our health.

Artificial colors are a great threat to environment and human life. But how do we revel in this joyous festival without colors? Well, there is an absolute safe solution- Organic Holi Powder. The aim of this article is to enlighten people about chemical colors. Read on to get detailed information about the negative effects of synthetic Holi colors.

Negative Effects of Harmful Chemical Based Holi Colors

Market is flooded with different types of Holi colors but most of these colors contain oxidized metals or industrial dyes mixed with engine oil. Following is the important information that tells you exactly about the composition of chemical Holi gulal powder and its harmful effects on our health.

Green Color : Contains Copper Sulphate and causes eye allergy and temporary blindness

Black Color : Contains Lead Oxide and causes renal failure and learning disability

Purple Colour : Contains Chromium Iodide and causes bronchial asthma and allergies

Silver Color : Contains Aluminum Bromide and is carcinogenic

Red Color : Contains Mercury Sulphide and causes skin cancer and minamata

Apart from the harmful chemicals, these Holi colors also contain powdered glass. Being toxic in nature, these colors cause skin irritation, eye allergies, temporary blindness, and so on. The negative effects of these Holi colors do not end here, they affect our environment too. On washing, these colors enter rivers and soil and pollute the environment posing a threat to aquatic and wildlife.

Switch to Organic Holi Colors

Yes, it’s high time we make a shift from chemical colors to herbal colors. These colors add a natural flavor to the festivals and produce soothing and aromatic effect on the skin. Herbal colors are made out of natural skin friendly sources like turmeric, flower extracts, sandalwood, mehndi, natural oils, fragrances, and many more. Use of such natural organic Holi color was quite prominent in ancient times and people knew about its benefits. In Vrindavan, Holi is still played with herbal gulal and rose petals.

Thus, using these organic Holi colors will help us save our environment and bio-diversity. So this year, play safe and herbal Holi with organic colors and herbal gulal and color up everyone with the true essence of the festival.

Source by Iti Mathur