Holi Gifts 2018 – Celebrate Holi by Sharing Your Joy

Holi, ultimately, is the Indian spring festival of love. It is celebrated with colors, for that is the Indian traditional way, but you might also say that Holi is the Indian “Valentine’s day.” The festival of colors that is the essence of Holi comes from the culture of Raslila, the celebration of love with colors by Lord Krishna and his lover Radha and her lady friends. And when love is in the air, gifts can scarcely be far behind.

Holi gifts, including both common and traditional items like sweetmeats and modern exclusive Holi gift ideas make the festival more vibrant with the colors of emotions and joy. There is a pleasure in giving and receiving gifts that is celebrated in every human culture and exchange of gifts is an integral part of most social festivals. Holi is no exception, and traditionally Holi gifts have a place in the culture of India.

Holi 2018 Gift of colors

The gift of colors is of course the first and foremost gift of Holi. You buy Holi colors from different retailers to mix in water and sprinkle on each other. Holi colors are also available in traditional powders called Aabir, and it is a part of tradition to sprinkle Aabir on the feet of parents and family elders and ask for their blessings. Elders and parents on the other hand sprinkle Aabir on the foreheads of their children, bless them, and give them Holi gifts like colorful Holi dresses and whatever suits the occasion. Exchanging sweetmeats like laddus and sharing Bhang of course cannot be seen as Holi gifts for they are too much the part of traditional Holi and are seen by many as universal, almost ritualistic acts without which Holi remains incomplete.

This Holi, if you really want to celebrate the festival of love, try to think of something exclusive to give to your beloved. Try to give a Holi gift that has that little extra punch, that shows your tastes and appreciation in a more eloquent and civilized manner than a thousand words. In many places and communities, where Holi is celebrated as the Vasanta Utsav, Vasanti or the creamy-orange color is a favorite when choosing Holi dresses to wear as also for gifts. Vasanti is also a favorite and choice color for Holi gifts of any description because of its cultural significance and intimate association with Holi.

Flowers are good gifts for any occasion, and in the Raslila part of Holi, of course, garlands made of flowers, especially what in India is known as Genda Phool is common and part of the cultural tradition. So, just a garland of flowers for your beloved might turn this celebration of love and colors into a truly fantastic Holi for you.

But then, your Holi gift either to your beloved or to your family, is really your unique idea. So rack your brains and come up with the perfect Holi gift that would turn this year’s Holi an occasion to remember for you and your family.

Source by Ritika Jayaswal