Awesome Ways in Which You Can Organize a Rocking Holi Party In 2018

Holi – the festival of colors, is one of the most celebrated and boisterous festivals of India. The flying colors, those mouth-watering foods, the cry for celebration, all this make Holi an exciting festival to experience. This is one festival, which is not and will never be restricted to any caste, creed or religion. Everyone wants to cherish and enjoy the liveliness of Holi.

A Holi party is any day better than an average party you attend. It is the day where people take out time from their busy schedules to inhibit the festive spirit with their close ones. So are you thinking of throwing one for your friends and relatives, but falling short of ideas or steps to follow in order to organize it? Do not worry, as here you’ll find some simple and easy steps to organize a fun-filled indoor Holi party for your near and dear ones.

An invite to all the your buddies

The first step is to call all the invitees at once. It will be a good thing to inform all of them at once in order to avoid last moment cancellations. For that make a guest-list as to who all should be invited and fix a particular time for them to arrive. Just before a day or two prior to the event, call them back or send them an SMS ensuring that they’re coming.

Even if you think that organizing alone will be a difficult task for you, create a WhatsApp group comprising 3-5 people who can help you in organizing the party successfully.

An ‘All White’ dress code

Where’s the fun in Holi if you don’t smudge, smear, apply colors to your ‘oh so precious’ whites. White dresses which are made of cotton are soft and comfortable to wear attracting lesser heat as compared to darker colors like black, dark brown, navy blue, etc. A kurta will be an apt choice for this summer season. So make the dress code a compulsory rule for all.

Let the beats drop

Get cracking and groove to the fine tunes of Holi by dancing and making your moves to foot tapping music. Especially play those Holi dance numbers, (both the classic and the latest ones) to make the party more happening. You or your friends can also bring instruments of your own like a tambourine, dhol, etc. Also it is important to keep the noises a little low as everyone may not be in the same festive mood as you. Therefore it is better not to invite unwanted calls or mishaps within the vicinity. So keep the noises low and your spirits high.

Delicious appetizers

Any Holi festival will be incomplete without the inclusion of the savory, mouth-watering delicacies and sweets. After all those dancing, singing and splashing of colors, you may possibly become tired and exhausted. So fill your mouth with some luscious snacks and drinks, revitalize your energy and get back to the celebrations.

Splash of colors

One cannot imagine Holi sans the most important aspect of the festival, i.e. the colors. Red, blue, yellow, pink, green, brown, saffron, etc all the colors should be a part of your jubilation. Mix, infuse and smear all of them on your friend’s dresses so that not even a single spot is spared. Try to play with safe and organic colors only, do avoid inorganic or dirty stuffs like paints, hard colors, mud, eggs, foam, grease, etc. Try to use less water as it is a renewable resource. Keeping yourselves and the environment safe and secure comes prior to everything. Play, but play safe.

Celebrating a festival like Holi always keeps you on the impulse and charged. Everyone looks smart as well as funny when covered with those dazzling colors from head to toe. Every party requires some amount of planning, so put your thinking caps on and follow these simple and easy steps to organize a party without any hesitation. Stay fresh and eagerly wait for the day to arrive.

Trendybharat wishes you a very happy and auspicious Holi.

Source by Paromita Sengupta